If you have not connected to a Zoom meeting, please follow these steps to connect: 

1. From a smart phone: download the zoom app and set up an account. Open the app and choose "join meeting" enter the meeting ID at the time that the class starts.

2. From a laptop or desktop computer: (NOTE: you must have a camera and microphone to be able to use your computer for zoom) Go to http://www.zoom.us  choose "join meeting" at the top right hand part of the screen. Enter in the meeting ID at the time that the small group starts.

3. From a phone that does not have a camera or microphone: Call 1-312-626-6799 at the time your small group starts. You will be asked to enter your meeting ID. You will be able to listen and participate in the small group, you just won't be able to see anyone.

4. If you would like to have a "test meeting with zoom" please contact the following people for one on one training

  • Yvonne Crabtree
  • Ciji Tlapa
  • Zack Vogt
  • Julie Marijanich

If you need a phone number to contact these people, please call the church office

6:00 pm - Mike Fortner Wednesday bible study           523-645-787