"God sets the lonely in families..."
​Psalm 68:6

Families 4 Families is more than just a foster care agency – it's a family, and any good family comes with support for the members. When we started Families 4 Families, we prayed diligently about how best to engage local Churches in caring for families in our community.

Wayne Naugle
Wayne Naugle is the founder for Families 4 Families.  He and his wife, Kelli, have 5 biological children along with 2 children they've adopted through foster care. His family has walked the road of home compliance, court dates, case workers, and adoption.  He knows and understands the stress it can have on the entire family. Families 4 Families is dedicated to supporting the entire family.  Wayne and his wife would love the opportunity to work with you and talk about your family being involved in foster care.

​Our Vision

At Families 4 Families we understand that there is no such thing as just being Foster Parents.  It’s really a family ministry.  Many times you are not just taking care of a foster child but also interacting with their family as well.  
Our vision is simple: to come alongside of your family to support you in ministering to other families who are hurting in the foster care system.  Our desire is to have an agency that treats people like family.

The Next Step
No matter what your interest, the next step is to join us for a brief info session. There's no commitment and no pressure. The goal of the session is to answer any questions you have about any aspect of foster care.

Our Leader

Wayne Naugle